In this episode of the Traders Improved podcast (all previous episodes: about the trading mindset, his trading journey, the most important trading tips and much more.


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Most traders spend their time trying to control the uncontrollable.


By shifting your focus on the things you can control you become the person in the driver seat and take full control over your trading. 

In this episode, I talk about the importance of defining your goals and having realistic expectations. 

In this podcast episode, we had the privilege to talk to Constantin who has been trading for 20 years and for the last 7 years as a full-time trader.

He is an independent retail trader and he shares his process, his daily trading routines and how he stays motivated every day.


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Many traders can keep it together for a few days/weeks/months and get around managing their emotions, but eventually, your emotions will find a way out. And the longer you suppress them, the more impactful they will manifest when they break out of you.


In this podcast episode, I provide a different approach to trading with emotions and how to get there.

In this episode of the Traders Improved podcast (, we had the privilege of speaking to Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall.

We had a wide-ranging conversation and talked about the best practices the best traders have, gratefulness and the benefits for trading, the power of letting go, why it's so important to take care of yourself, the ego, beginner mindset and much more.


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Everything that is hard in trading is related to psychology and the mindset.

In this episode, trading coach and psychology expert Mandi Rafsendjani blew our minds. Mandi has worked with thousands of traders over the years and she even sat with market wizard Linda Raschke and got to know many of her "secrets" for becoming one of the best traders of all time.


We went really deep into trading psychology, the mind and explored many fascinating topics that will help traders become better.


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We had the honor to talk to Dr. Brett Steenbarger (Psychologist, Trader, Author, Trading Coach) and Mike Bellafiore (Co-Founder of the proprietary trading firm SMB Capital and author).

We had a wide-ranging conversation and talked about what sets successful traders apart, how to use your emotions, what it means to trade without ego and many more gems.

If you want us to do a round 2, let us know in the comments and let us know what we should ask Dr. Steenbarger and Mike Bellafiore next time.


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