Today, we get off-topic for a bit and I am sharing my thoughts about making money online in other ways.

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In this episode I share a story of a trader that we mentored and how his transition to full-time trading went.

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The concept of confluence will help you improve your trading processes and, therefore, also your results. 



I get this question A LOT.

So here are my thoughts and tips when it comes to dealing with fakeouts in your trading.

How do you deal with obstacles? 

There are two kinds of people:

The majority, when faced with any problem, will immediately try to put the blame on something or someone else. Which is, to some degree, understandable because it will shield you from looking bad. But it will also keep you from making progress.

The second group of people will ask: what can I do to make this go away? What are the things in my power that allow me to deal with this effectively? Such an approach is empowering because you do not rely on outside circumstances for your problems to go away...

Thanks to one of our Instagram followers for sending in this question!

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