July 12, 2019

How to trade less to trade better - #69 Traders Improved Trading Podcast

I came across the concept of the "power of silence" recently and it reminded me about an article that I wrote a while back.

In music, if you do not pause between the notes all you get is one beeeeeeeeep. As the famous quote goes: music is the silence between the notes.

If you don't rest between workout days your muscle won't grow. The stimuli are set during the exercise, but the growth happens on rest days.

If you work 24/7, you will burn out and your work quality will suffer. You need to rest so that your mind can recharge and also process what you did in order to come up with ideas for the future.

In trading, you need to trade less if you want to have better results too. Over-trading and always wanting to be in a new trade is dangerous. You need to stop trading when there is no trade, when you do not have an edge, when you feel too emotional or can't perform at your best.

In this episode, I provide more tips on how/when to trade less and how it might transform your trading.

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